NOVA: Kings of Camouflage- The Cuttlefish

Cuttlefish are most likely the very best shape-shifters on our planet. They’re a type of mollusk, without the shell, and they not only can change their colors in a multitude of ways; they can change the texture of their skin as well. The NOVA video linked to above has astonishing video footage of the incredible intelligence of these ancient sea creatures, and their pyrotechnic “light show” used to stun certain prey into temporary paralysis. It also explains the way in which their cellular structure is designed to “light up” multiple layers of individual pigmented dots at specific times to create an apparently infinite array of patterns of colors. This is truly a fascinating video.

Watch the full episode. See more NOVA.


About lupinelight

I am a photographer and graphic artist. I practice Tibetan Buddhist meditation and mantra and sutra copying. I've spent a good deal of time studying Eastern religions and mystical traditions from around the world, as well as shamanic practices of indigenous cultures, and entheogenic spiritual pathways. My favorite philosopher is Ken Wilber. I enjoy listening to, among others, Patti Smith and Modest Mouse. I donate money to help save the wolves, and I spend time writing letters and signing petitions to stop dogfighting rings, save the rainforests, oceans, and more. I believe that whatever I do, I should do it with a whole heart, even if it feels as if it's breaking at times. We're beings of light, and light doesn't break, it refracts into rainbows.
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